Killing the Mummy Tummy: The cool element

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Do you wish to lose your mummy tummy as fast as you lose your temper about it? Coolsculpting is bringing that wish halfway through; all you need to do is go claim it.

What is coolsculpting?
Coolsculpting technology is essentially the use of a controlled device to “freeze” the fat cells (note that it doesn’t really freeze the cells but simply lowers the temperature) underneath the skin without affecting the skin itself. The device is controlled in that it has sensors that detect when the skin gets too cold during the procedure and automatically turns itself off.

Why coolsculpting?
Once upon a time before we got pregnant, we were all skinny and flat but carrying a child made some considerable change to our bodies, many notably the abdomen. It gets so stretched out you wonder how numerous sit-ups you have to do to suck it all back in. At times, it gets utterly aggravating as there is no visible change after a lot of hours of working out and dieting. finding fast alternatives is very challenging as some doctors want to make quick money from unsuspecting and desperate patients. The good news is, coolsculpting is a safe non-invasive procedure that is also non-surgical and guarantees results.

How coolsculpting works
Wondering how it could possibly be done without getting you frostbites? एकदम सजिलो।
First and foremost, a gel pad is placed over the area to be treated. This helps safeguard your skin from the freezing. The device used for coolsculpting is then applied. The device consists of a paddle-like applicator attached to a hose that directs the cold. The area under treatment is sucked up making it numb.

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Essentially, what happens is that this process triggers the natural death of fat cells through crystallisation of the cells (fat cells tend to crystallise faster than normal tissue so there is no damage to the skin) then over time enzymes break down the dead cells thus the reduction of the mummy tummy; in case you have been wondering where the fat goes.
This procedure, depending on patients’ supreme goal, can show results in just one treatment but others may want a couple of much more sessions to their satisfaction. much more information on how coolsculpting works and its application can be found online.

You are now probably wondering how effective coolsculpting is compared to other methods? Well, the best thing about it is that unlike other methods like dieting, which just decrease the cell size, coolsculpting guarantees complete elimination of these cells, leaving you with a trim lovable flat tummy.

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Are there any side effects after coolsculpting?
Any cosmetic or medical procedures that relate to our health and wellness certainly have side effects, however minimal. With coolsculpting the side effects can barely be felt. many typically mild numbing of the treated area with a little inflammation but subsides after a short while.

Are there any equally safe procedures to kill the mummy tummy?
As always, technology never disappoints. another non-surgical procedure like the Vaser Liposuction is a great alternative that uses ultrasound technology to separate the fat cells, and in this case instead of the “freezing”, the skin is heated causing it to contract.

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Now that your wish has been granted, you could go back to your parenting responsibilities and show off your youthful figure every now and then without any embarrassment.

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