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I am sure you have seen the huge food storage buckets in your regional grocery store. around right here they usually appear in autumn as well as during Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. I’ve always wondered why people stock as well as store food. I understood that it has something to do with the economy, as well as that our world is truly in a crisis. We have terrorists killing people, as well as some unfriendly countries acquiring nuclear weapons. who understand what the future may hold for our children.

In February, there were reports that Venezuela’s economic climate collapsed as well as people ran out of food. An economic collapse occurs slowly however when it occurs there are long lines as well as hungry people. The government of Venezuela rationed food based on the size of a household in order to prevent hoarding. however then long lines developed for fundamental necessities such as soap as well as diapers. Socialist policies such as the ones put in location by Venezuela lead to a collapse in the economic climate as well as a shortage of food.

The liberal as well as progressive leaders in the united states are moving further as well as further to the left. a few of them are trying to push for similar policies right here that triggered the collapse in Venezuela. If you are terrified that this may occur here, you should look into food storage as well as discover exactly how to do it properly.

Food storage Guide

Recently, I came across the book, “Store This, Not That!: The quick as well as simple Food storage Guide“, by Crystal Godfrey as well as Debbie Kent. If you are as unfamiliar about food storage as I am, this is the book to get to begin storing food for your family. It is the very best food storage guide available.

“Let’s deal with it, food storage can be confusing, frustrating, as well as downright daunting,” they compose in the introduction.

“If you’ve ever felt confused about what you should really be buying as well as storing, you’re not alone – as well as we’re right here to help!”

“Somewhere, somehow, over the last few years, something occurred to the economic climate as well as the world. all of us understand it. We’ve felt the impacts of it, as well as let’s be honest, it’s got everybody quite concerned.”

“Couple that with a having a hard time economic climate as well as with rising food as well as gas costs as well as you have a genuine problem. The point of these facts as well as figures is not to depress or frighten you. It’s to reassure you that if you don’t have all the food storage you want or need, that this is a cause worth fighting, scrimping, sacrificing as well as saving for. It’s to reassure you that you have made the right option to be prepared! In fact, we believe you as well as your household deserve it! You deserve the peace preparedness brings, the comfort of understanding you have food for your family, as well as the tools you’ll requirement to make a preemptive strike on rising food prices. It’s never as well late to begin or surface what you have started – as well as this is where we come in.”

That is one compelling argument. It has me sold. You never know, we may ended up being the next Venezuela, particularly if we elect the wrong person for President. We requirement to be prepared.

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“Store This, Not That!: The quick as well as simple Food storage Guide” is a interesting book as well as they go into detail on precisely exactly how to store food as well as save money in the process. They explain exactly how to begin a rainy day fund that you can eat, exactly how to money in on the huge sales at your grocery store, planning your meals to save money (one of my preferred things to do), what foods you can store long-lasting as well as which ones you can make from scratch to store later, as well as a breakdown of all the different food groups as well as exactly how to store each of them. They have even included some incredible recipes at the end of the book.

You can purchase “Store This, Not That!: The quick as well as simple Food storage Guide” on or anywhere books are sold.

*Disclosure: I got a copy of the book, store this not that in exchange for this review. All opinions are precise as well as 100% mine.

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