5 suggestions for a green Labor Day

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This is a big weekend full of festivities and get-togethers to celebrate the annual Labor Day holiday! typically times, a holiday or party leads to over consumption, unhealthy activities and lots of waste in our landfills!

There are some useful ways to help green things up and still have a doozy of a shin-dig! no one ever said that being green had to be boring for shoosh sakes! So party on – green style!

1. Walk, ride your bike or hitch a ride with a fellow party-goer if you are a guest. If you really want to drive yourself, then park your automobile even more away from the party and walk it the rest of the way for some good exercise that helps cut down on emissions and can help you burn off some of the buffet food you might *happen* to indulge in. If you are the host/hostess, encourage your guests to do the same!

2. When hosting the party – make sure to use reusables! avoid the plastic and disposable silverware, cups, plates and napkins by using what you have. If you do not feel that you have enough – you might just find some fun things to add to your existing collection by spending a few dollars at thrift stores. Don’t forget to set out a compost container, roll off dumpsters and recycling bins in an easy to find location for your guests!

3. weather permitting, a celebration outdoors can really be fun and connect you with nature. plan some backyard games, while sipping on fresh fruit juice and organic adult beverages! When purchasing organic, you are supporting farmers who do not use pesticides and unhealthy synthetic fertilizers. organic farms can help take care of our soil, animals and help keep our lives much healthier!

4. Go Local: By purchasing ahead of time from your Farmer’s Market, you can offer fresh fruits and vegetables from farmer’s in your area. This helps support your community as well as cutting down on carbon emissions through the use of trucks required for shipping. Besides, doesn’t fresh fruit make your taste buds want to dance!?

5. green your Clean: Don’t forget to end your day with some healthy cleaning! avoid using severe chemicals, and instead find organic cleaners that are safe for your family and your home. So numerous commercial cleaners are loaded with toxic ingredients that can pose numerous dangers when inhaled. another green option is as easy as sprinkling baking soda and vinegar on surfaces for a clean so clean you could lick it. and literally – you could. If you wanted to . I don’t recommend this, but the charm is that you really could. Vinegar adds a shine to so numerous things including counters, sinks and windows. and for a beautiful “clean” smell (that some of you might associate with cleanliness) add some pure vital oils like lemon oil or tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties!

That’s it! sounds easy enough right? So go on now with your bad green self and have some fun!! pleased Labor Day – Make it fun. Make it safe. Make it Green!

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