This is Why social network Can enhance Your marriage

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ठूलो गाडीको


Can social network can enhance your marriage? I have yet to find across a marriage that resembles the Facebook version of life. I understand mine doesn’t.

But typical terms utilized on Facebook are fantastic reminders of important elements of marriage as well as exactly how we should treat our spouses.

Whether you like it or dislike it, Facebook boils down the fundamental aspects necessary for marital harmony.

Facebook isn’t an icon of traditional marital wisdom, however utilize typical Facebook terms in your relationship–like, friend, share, what’s on your mind or update status, comment–and you may notice surprising results.

Here’s what I mean:


On Facebook, this is a simple method to show your buddies you enjoy what they’ve said. It’s validation. exactly how does this equate to marriage? everybody wants validation, including your spouse. A “like” is encouragement. It’s states “I hear you. मैले तिमीलाई देखे। What you’ve stated is important.”After publishing on Facebook, exactly how frequently do you inspect back to see exactly how many “likes” you get? The more “likes” you get, the much better you feel. In marriage, “like” your spouse a lot. Validate him. A “like” is likewise a type of respect. It tells your spouse you support or agree with what he is stating or doing.


Friends are people you share your life with. You share important moments, triumphs, as well as sadness. A buddy likes at all times, as well as the bond can’t be damaged by just clicking “unfriend” or delete. Be a buddy to your hubby for much better or for worse as well as for richer or for poorer. buddies want what’s finest for you. They respect each other, listen to every other as well as work with conflict.


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When we believe about sharing, we usually believe about clothes, food, or money. however in a marriage sharing refers to whatever or almost everything. sometimes people go into marriage with a “mine is mine” as well as “yours is yours” or a 50/50 mindset. When you unite in marriage, mine as well as yours ended up being ours. You not only share material things, you likewise share your hearts, burdens, as well as experiences as well. being able to share life with somebody provides experiences more meaning. marriage thrives when couples share: the great as well as the bad, successes as well as failures, as well as disappointments, as well as hurts.

What’s on Your Mind or update Status

“तिम्रो दिमागमा के छ?” greets you when you logon to your Facebook page. communication makes us feel linked with one another. “Status Update” is one of the most typical things people share on Facebook. It’s a method to tell people what’s going on in your life. The two most important kinds of communication are communication between guy as well as God as well as guy as well as other humans, particularly a spouse. interact what you’re feeling to your husband. let him understand what’s bugging you. likewise let him understand you  love, respect, as well as appreciate him.


When your hubby tells you what’s on his mind, state something. Nothing’s more uncomfortable than stating something as well as it’s satisfied with silence, dead airspace. When you publish something on Facebook as well as you get no comments, you feel like nobody cares or no one’s listening. exact same is true in a marriage. Your hubby wishes to understand he’s been heard. You’re listening; you care. If you don’t understand what to say, state that as well as ask exactly how you can help. हल्ला गर। You don’t have to have a long conversation. just acknowledge somebody has stated something to you.


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This one produces rather a bit of controversy everywhere except on Facebook. We click “follow”on Facebook with bit hesitation. I understand I do. I don’t feel like somebody is trying to take advantage of me or manager me around when I click their “follow” button. I don’t debate who’s in charge. But, that’s not my response when my hubby asks me to “follow.” utilizing Facebook terms, “follow” can mean you’re a “fan or supporter” or you “allow somebody to have influence in your life.” What was your response the last time your hubby asked y”अनुसरण गर्न” उसलाई?

स्पष्ट रूपमा फेसबुक सर्तहरूले विवाहको सबै तत्त्वहरू ढाक्दैन, यद्यपि यसले तपाईंलाई तपाईंको पतिसँग सम्बन्धित कुरा गर्न सक्दछ। तपाईंको विवाहलाई उपचार गर्नुहोस् जस्तो कि तपाईं फेसबुक उपचार गर्नुहुन्छ। दिनको केहि पटक यसलाई निरीक्षण गर्नुहोस्। टिप्पणी, तपाइँको अवस्था को साथै अपडेट गर्नुहोस्। साथ साथै तपाईंको जस्तै वाईलस जान सक्छ।

कुन फेसबुक सर्तहरू तपाईको विवाहमा बृद्धि को उपयोग गर्न सक्छ?

* आगन्तुक टिप्पणी पछि थपियो।

शिला वोल एक पूर्व निजी पत्रकार र अमेरिकाको आर्मीको पुरस्कार-विजेता अखबारको लागि सम्पादक हो, शीला अहिले एक बसाई-घरमा आमा, स्पिकरका साथै लेखक हुन्। शिला विवाहको years0 बर्षको अनुभवबाट, पाँच बच्चाहरू, होमस्पोलिभिंग, 10 व्यवसाय चालहरू, दुई कुकुरहरू साथै फेरेट पनि। (उनीहरू शान्तिमा रहन सक्नेछन्।) उनले आफ्नो संसारमा पारदर्शिताका साथै पारदर्शिता, एक असहज क्षणको रूपमा आफ्नो संसारमा विचार गरे। उनी महिलालाई सहयोगी दिउँछिन् कि उनीको भावनात्मक घुमाव साथै परिपक्व र उनीहरुलाई आफूले बोलाउनुभएको सत्य महिला हुन सक्छ। तपाईं फेसबुकमा वा मा उनको साथ वा उनको ब्लगमा अनुरूप हुन सक्नुहुन्छ।

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