5 summer activities You should avoid during pregnancy

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Many women are finding that being pregnant isn’t slowing them down. They are still able to enjoy most of the activities that they love, without putting themselves or their baby at risk. health care professionals agree that in most cases getting out and enjoying the fresh air in the summer is useful for mother and child, but there are some risks pregnant women need to be aware of. before you head to the beach or the park there are 5 activities that you should avoid this summer if you are pregnant.

1. Roller coasters and thrill rides
Amusement parks are popular vacation destinations during the summertime, along with the various state fairs and local carnivals. While slow and relaxing rides like the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round are generally considered safe for you and your baby, you definitely want to avoid riding any “thrill rides”. Roller coasters and other fast moving rides can cause your adrenaline to rise, but the sudden starts and stops can be potentially dangerous to the baby. almost all health care professionals suggest avoiding any of these thrilling rides while you are pregnant.

 2. contact sports
Many women continue to exercise during pregnancy without any problems, but there are some sports you  want to avoid. Jogging, bicycling, and swimming can all benefit you and your baby, but participating in sports with a lot of bodily contacts can be dangerous for your developing baby. health care professionals suggest refraining from participating in football, soccer, hockey, or even basketball games, to avoid dangerous injuries to your abdomen. The same is also true for gymnastics where there is an even greater risk of falling and injuring yourself.

3.  Horseback riding
The warmer weather is the perfect time to enjoy long horseback rides, except if you are pregnant. health care experts all state the various dangers associated with horseback riding, and the risks that it can present to your baby. even the best riders can fall off occasionally, and this can cause serious injury to your baby. The jarring motion that is felt during the rider can also cause problems, and health care officials also point out the dangers of accidentally being kicked in the abdomen. If you are a horse lover and can’t think of the summer without riding, consider taking a carriage ride through a local park instead.

4. Saunas and hot tubs
While hot tubs and saunas are a terrific way to soothe overused muscles and to simply relax after a busy summer day, it can also be extremely dangerous for your baby. The same hot, bubbling water that helps you to relax can harm your unborn baby. typical bath water is heated to an average 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to your body’s natural temperature. hot tubs and saunas are designed to run hotter, and the feeling that you are starting to overheat can potentially put your baby at risk of developing a birth defect.

5. Water sports
Swimming is actually useful for you and your baby, but you do want to avoid most water sports. scuba diving, while you are pregnant, is dangerous for you and your developing baby, along with trying to surf when your body is overbalanced. Water skiing and Para sailing are other water activities that most health care professionals suggest that you avoid, since the risk of falling and injuring your abdomen are exceedingly high.

You can still enjoy many of the activities that you love in the summer, even if you are pregnant. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to stay indoors, and most health experts state that some exercise is useful for you and your baby. What you do have to remember is to stay safe, and to use your common sense. If it looks dangerous, then chances are it is not safe for your baby. enjoy swimming laps in the pool or jogging along the beach, and even take a romantic ride at night on the lit Ferris wheel. If you listen to the advice of your health care professional and use your common sense, you can have a safe and fun summer even if you are pregnant.

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Visit the consumer health digest pregnancy center at consumerhealthdigest.com/pregnancy-center for more information on how to have a healthy pregnancy.

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